From Empire To Loose Cannon (Part 2)

The problem with Russia as the new fabricated enemy is that is isn’t just Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen or Syria. Russia is a nuclear power of a seemingly under-estimated military caliber. President Vladimir Putin has warned Western journalist several times that the rhetoric they portray harms relations between superpowers and that the people aren’t informed about the threats that arise. Norway’s PM and NATO’s secretary brushes such off as “just propaganda”.

From “Putin’s Warning Full Speech 2016”
[see video clip here].

Except being the working class’ protest against the ruling elite and the globalists, electing Donald Trump as president was based on the hope of normalizing relations between the nuclear powers. It was swiftly seen upon as treason to have diplomatic contact with Russia. After the removal of Flynn and Bannon there is no one left in the White House who wants an improved relationship with Russia – quite the contrary.

An article summarized the numerous critical Twitter messages from Trump regarding Washington’s involvement in Syria prior to him becoming president. It took a mere 100 days before Trump started to twitter and act in the complete opposite manner.

Most likely, President Trump is overruled by the same group of advisors who have influenced Washington for over two decades. This group has been described by General Wesley Clark in a speech in 2007.

Representants from Washington’s co-opt partners in Europe and Australia gave they immediate support to Washington’s recent response in Syria. As the critical site CounterPunch pointed out, none of these governments found it necessary to investigate the alleged attack or a UN resolution prior to a military response. History rimes.

Russia’s Minister of Defense replied (excerpt): “The US administrations have changed but the methods for unleashing wars have remained the same since bombardments of Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya. Allegations, falsifications, grandstand playing with photos and test-tubes with pseudo results in international organizations became the reason for aggression initiation instead of an objective investigation.”

Congress member and former presidential candidate Ron Paul finds the official narrative about Assad’s alleged chemical attack non-sensical and says there is no strategic reason for why this should have happened [see video clip here].

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury under the Reagon administration and has since been a strong critic of Washington’s interventional policy and neoliberal economy. He writes the following:

“The removal of Assad allows Washington to impose another Washington puppet on Muslim peoples, to remove another Arab government with an independent policy from Washington, to remove another government that is opposed to Israel’s theft of Palestine, and for Exxon’s Tillerson and the neoconservative hegemonists to cut Russian natural gas off from Europe with a US-controlled gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe via Syria.”

Interview by US Watchdog [see video clip here].

If the US increases its military activity in Syria, and if Russian units are hit, and if Russian units, in turn, hit those of the US – then the whole NATO is involved. The US, which was supposed to be Europe’s warranty in case of an invasion by Russia, will then pressure Europe into a military confrontation: with Russia.

On can wrap it up with Dr. Roberts’ words:

“The reason that there is still life on earth after more than a half century of nuclear weapons is that American presidents and Soviet leaders worked together to reduce tensions. (…) Today the situation is vastly different. The last three US presidents, and now apparently Trump also, worked overtime to increase tensions between the two nuclear powers. Moreover, it was done in ways that convinced the Russian government that Washington is completely untrustworthy.”

It is time for the governments of Europe to realize the risk of being uncritical followers of the interventional politics of Washington (and Israel). Europe has nothing to gain from being dominated by an empire that seems to have become a loose cannon – but keeps paying the price of it. One must return to what once was Western values, national security focus, and cooperation in accordance with international laws.