Siggy Galåen

About Siggy

Siggy Galåen has been a technical 3D artist in the computer game industry since the mid-1990s and is now a university teacher within the same field. Writing, fine art and music have been hobbies and part-time work. He also has a high interest in astrophysics, macroeconomics and human psychology. These subjects influence his written works.


I was born in Harstad, Northern Norway, and during my childhood years, I was highly engaged with hand drawing and curious about nature. Quite a lot of time was spent along the coastline, both fishing and studying the marine life in the shallow waters. As a teenager, I regularly read astrophysical and scientific magazines – of course, besides homework, comics and biking around in town with friends. In the early 1990s I got my first computer, which was used a lot for creative expression, hereby making graphics, animation, writing and composing music.

After high school, where central subjects were language, physics, and art, I got a job offer from a US/Danish computer game company, mainly based on the creative work made in my spare time. I then worked for companies in England and California for a few years, before returning to Norway to work as a freelance 3D artist. I also spent time on fine art painting, playing the synth and some writing in my spare time, including not-yet-published game designs.

Since around 2005, I regained my former interest in astrophysics, especially after watching documentaries that challenged the established theory of the Big Bang Universe. I then dug into sciences related to Plasma Cosmology and the macroscopic role of magnetism and electricity.

After the financial system crisis of 2008, I became interested in the subjects macroeconomy, geopolitics, and human psychology – as these subjects seemed to fundamentally define the current state of the human world. Since 2014 I have contributed with articles on such topics, as well as working on my own literature projects.

As I started digging further into the aforementioned topics, I’ve enjoyed discovering many bright minds and courageous authors that contribute to a deeper understanding of our world.

Today I live in Lillestrøm, just outside Oslo, together with my fiancé and my three daughters.