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What Is Destroying Rural America?
December 3, 2019
Tucker Carlson investigates how the influence of Wall Street hedge funds vultures rural America as well as austerity nations.

Germany Did Not Start World War II
November 22, 2019

This may be a tough one to swallow if one only learnt history through high school, BBC and Hollywood. Which other perspectives could there possibly be? Dr Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Unz had several installments about WW2 in 2019, receiving high interest among their readers, and this is one of them.

«World War II was a war started by private agendas. (…) This fake news story of German aggression was used to build the case that Germany, which was merely recovering its national territory and rescuing German people from persecution in Czechoslovakia and Poland, was an agressor with world conquest as its goal. (…) Never was a war as unnecessary, and only the US profited from it. Britain was ruined. Britain lost the reserve currency role and its control of world trade, which were Roosevelt’s intentions, and Britain lost its empire, also Roosevelt’s intention.»


On the history of Slavery
April 15, 2019
In this article Dr Paul Craig Roberts points out important aspects of slavery which we seldomly read or hear about.

“We hear endlessly about Slavery. Slavery is always the fault of white people (…) Slavery is never the fault of black Africans who engaged in slave wars against one another. (…) Every race has been held in slavery. Everyone the Romans conquered and every barbarian tribe that crossed the Roman Limes could end up as slaves. Arabs raided all over Europe for white slaves. (…) While blacks build their victim status, the real slavery today goes unnoticed. Let’s begin by understanding what a slave is. A slave is a person who does not own the products of his/her own labor.”


Winter Is Coming!
December 2, 2018

Stefan Moleneux describes the “virtue signalling” involved in promising to others what you do not have to pay for yourself – and how these empty promises are the greatest single threat to Western Civilization. Moleneux also makes some good points about a historical diffence in mind set between people of the northern countries versus those of warmer regions when it comes to resource management.